C A L E N D A R   1998



We are happy to announce the first annual Her Domain Holiday Party!

You and your guest are cordially invited to join us for a casual evening of coffee and conversation. This is a chance to meet other Her Domain members to meet and finally put the faces to the names on our mailing list.

Monday, December 14th
8:00 PM till 10:00pm

You'll find more information, a map and an RSVP form at:



Monday, November 16

Americans Discuss Social Security

Novembers meeting is scheduled to be a webcasting about Social Security. Earlier this year, Americans Discuss Social Security held a forum here in Austin. It was very well executed and amazingly informative.

In conjunction with ADSS in Washington DC, we have plans to host an online discussion about Social Securty, and in particular, how it affects women. With so many of as consultants or moving from job to job, we are a very interesting bunch!

I have hopes that we can discuss this as a webcast - we all meet at Fringeware and use C-U-See-Me to hold this discussion with girls in Washington DC and/or San Francisco. I'm in the process of working that right now. If the webcasting doesn't pull through, we will have a local online discussion, where you can all join or log in from home to have a moderated discussion.

Two things:

1. If you want to participate, please email Donna with a actual mailing address. ADSS have agreed to mail all our members information packets on the SS issue so you can enter the discussion informed! If you aren't comfortable giving me your address, let me know and I'll have the packet sent to me. I will ask that you help me by coming by to pickup your packet at some point ;)

2. Anybody have prior experience with C-U-See-Me and Webcasts? Please let me know!


October 19th Town Meeting Minutes -- Donna Kidwell <donna@tipton.com>

A very busy and informative evening! These minutes are brief, but highlight everything.

Held at the 5-Star BB-Q, Westlake

SXSW Web Competition -
Peggy Ellithorpe and Pati Shampton from SXSW came in to discuss volunteer efforts with SXSW and their web competition. For more info: http://www.sxsw.com or email Peggy at Pegatnxnw@aol.com

Sigs -
Nancy Avitia discussed the startup sigs, introduced the various SIG chairs, and held a Q&A session. Check out our webpage for sigs, chairs, and other contact information!

Incorporation Status -
Articles of Incorporation are just about finished and our pro-bono CPA is investigating tax-exempt status. We should be up and incorporated by year end! Yea!

Classes -
Minnie Rangel <minnie@uts.cc.utexas.edu">> discussed plans for classes and held a Q&A session. Again, check out our webpage for more information!

Powerbase, Board Minutes -
http://powerbase.herdomain.org - Go register yourself and use it as a resource for finding just the right person! Also, the board plans to set up a similar site. password protected, for Board Minutes and contact information so we can keep a dialogue with our members.

Opinion Poll -
Have any ideas for us - things you would like to ask the group? Pass them along to Traci Rachal: traci@outer.net

Amazon Associates -
We are working on a web storefront for our very own Amazon.com book store! This will allow us to recommend our favorite tech and nontech books, with a nice portion of sales coming back to Her Domain! Should be a great way to find just the right text and get some $ in our bank.

Future Meetings -
Tim Zeigler from Hotwired should be contacting us soon about an event out at Fringeware, Marc Abrahams from MITs Annals of Improbable Results will be here in February.

December's meeting will be a SWING Party! Come in your best rags and take a dance lesson...stayed tuned for more details.


Thanks to Andrea Hamblin (ahamblin@hotmail.com) who was kind enough to share her comments on the September meeting:

Georgia Harper and Art Muela came to speak to us. You can find Georgia Harper's information on her website:


I think she printed her information directly off of her website, so if you see the above link, you will learn as much or more than we did. You can also e-mail her at:


Basically she covered the current copyright laws in comparison with the past one. And, she also went over the Fair Use Act and how and why you should get permission for:
...any information from a website you visit or even create for
someone else.

Art Muela covered five basic rules that he thought was of most concern right now. They are:

1.Becareful with contract agreements

-deadlines for you and the employer including when pay when be received.

-specify in contract that YOU get permission to use the material you create.

2. NET Act

-Copyrights can be breeched whether for profit or not.

3. Avoid Framing when developing web sites because someone elses work can be mistrued has your own - major copyright infringement.

4. Only link to other HOME web pages. To do otherwise can also have you end up in court for copyright infringement.

5. Do not put trademarks in your meta-tags if you do not own them or have express WRITTEN permission from a company.

You can learn more about the above by e-mailing Art Muela:


Or check out a web site that he recommended:



The Next 20 Years

Thursday, September 17, at La Zona Rosa

Thanks for being a part of "The Next 20 Years" series, launched in Austin on Thursday, September 17 at La Zona Rosa.

Members of Her Domain were invited to attend this invitation-only event which included an evening cocktail reception with over 30 technology exhibitors, and a panel discussion about the future of technology.

Speakers included Bill Gurley, Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, and writer Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, moderated by Dan Farber of ZDNet. Company sponsors included Ziff-Davis, Arthur Andersen, UPSIDE Magazine, Sun Microsytems, Microsoft, Macromedia, Exodus, and many others.


Our general meetings are held on the third Monday of every month, usually beginning at 6:30 p.m. for new member orientation and networking and 7 p.m. for everyone else. The meeting location varies. Check here for location, agenda, and notice of any changes from the usual.