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What does Her Domain want to accomplish at the SXSW Trade Show?
Questions you may be asked by convention delegates
What should I say about HerDomain?
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What does Her Domain want to accomplish at the SXSW Trade Show?
by Stephanie Holt

  1. To increase awareness of HerDomain for potential members and pass along information about joining the organization. (Her Domain brochures will be available for distribution.)
  2. To increase awareness of HerDomain and the organization's goals to the general public.
  3. To make contacts for speakers and potential corporate sponsors for future events. (We will have a clipboard handy to record such information for future contact.)
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Questions You May be Asked by Convention Delegates
by Donna Kidwell, President 1999-2001

  • Q:How do I join Her Domain of Austin?
    A. membership consists of joining our discussion list which can be done from the Herdomain website. Participation in our other activities is optional, but great fun! (Her Domain business cards with the URL http://herdomain.org/join.html will be available for distribution.)
  • Q:What does the list provide?
    A: A fantastic networking tool. Need to have your website reviewed and tested before you show it to your client? Ask the list. Need to find out why that javascript line doesnąt work? Ask the list. Need to find a new plumber? Ask the list! (but remember to put OT ­off topic- in front of your subject line!)
  • Q:How much does it cost?
    A:membership is free to girls and women interested in the Web, the Internet, and related technologies.
  • Q:Can men join?
    A:Nope. We provide an unintimidating, all female environment in which to learn and network.
  • Q:When and where do we meet?
    A:There are currently no regular (physical) meetings of HerDomain. Discussions and organizational activities are carried out via the HD list and email.
  • Q:Are you Webgrrls?
    A:Her Domain began as a chapter of Webgrrls with the awesome energy and motivation of Amy Janota. As the group grew, we realized we would want to pursue non-profit status. We started Her Domain as a separate organization in 1998. We were incorporated as a non-profit in April 2002.

(Feel free to print out this list for easy reference while at the booth.)

What Should I Say?
By Jayne Cravens
Manager, Virtual Volunteer Project

  • People won't stop and chat unless you make eye contact and say "Hi."
  • The most common question from visitors is, "So, WHY are YOU here?" See the top article for our goals at SXSW.
  • Talk about the types of posts made to the list - the variety of topics which reflect a diverse group of Austin women who work or play on the World Wide Web.
  • Read the Member Comments for inspiration!
  • Be sure to mention that there is no cost or obligation. Point out that membership and list subscription to Her Domain is FREE, that meetings are rare and there is no requirement to attend.