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Her Domain Seeks Teachers for Tech Skills

Her Domain's goals include offering low-cost classes to its members in tech-related areas. Past topics have included HTML, CSS, Perl, Javascript, and it's time to start up the learnin' again for the sake of both our members' edification and HD's coffers!

We are looking for people who are willing to teach subjects such as Web or other programming languages and related topics, in either a single session or a series. Course teachers share the tuition. Other subject suggestions:

We also need a place to hold these classes, so if you are willing to teach a subject, or if your company or school has computer labs or similarly equipped training rooms (seating at least 10) that would be available in the evenings or on weekends, please contact HD President, Minnie Rangel at .

Please help our community of smart women become even smarter!

Free Classes for UT Staff/Students - some are open to the general public.

TeamWeb Classes: Schedule and descriptions of classes for Web publishers. 
General Libraries: General Libraries-Class of the Day 
Other UT Classes: Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services 

Free Classes for the general public:

Austin Free-Net: Home Page / Calendar of Classes 

Paid Classes - most of these are available to the general public:

InferData Corporation: Home Page

Texas Union Informal Classes: Course catalog / Computer Applications / Training Courses  / UT Professional Development Center 

Austin Community College: Home Page /  Visual Communication Design /
Digital Publishing and Graphics Technology / Computer Information Technology

Have questions? Contact: Minnie Rangel

If you know of any other free classes available in the city of Austin and surrounding area and would like to list them here, please contact the web administrator.