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What Our Members Say About the Her Domain List

'Women of varying degrees of expertise in computers/ Internet'
  • It's an excellent environment for all interested women of varying degrees of expertise in computers and the Internet to discuss, debate, question and explore issues of a technical and communicative nature.
    - Susan Harwood Kaczmarczik, Tech Writer and Editor,

'I don't search endlessly on FAQs, I can just come here'
  • I subscribed to this list as a web developer of 4 years (on the side of my day job at the state), who wanted to be around other web-type women in Austin. Every so often, I had/have web design type questions that I didn't want to search around endlessly on FAQs, HOW TO pages, etc....I can just come here, pose the question and many other women can find the answer at the same time. I also joined because I wanted (am now working my way out) out of state government and into the art/web world...I figured this was the place to meet, network, learn about job opps, etc.
    - Michelle Reeves

'Thought-provoking debates'
  • I subscribed to help get advice and contacts in my high-tech job search one year ago. I stayed because of the bottomless well of computer and otherwise related knowledge, and because of the thought provoking (although sometimes overheated), intellectual debates.
    - Christine Hendel

'Community Plus'
  • I'm here for the community, not the technical stuff although I'm glad I have the technical resources when I need them.
    - Natalie Rodgers/CAC/AISD

'Technical support'
  • I subscribed for the technical support we give each other. That is the value I get from this list and why I continue to be a subscriber. (Technical posts) brings a response when needed the most.
    - Virginia DeBolt, writer and web designer http://vdebolt.com

'Off-topic discussions provide a variety of insights and opinions'
  • Because my web background is more experiential than technical, I can benefit from the brilliant technical minds on this list. I also view the list as a community. Since I have recently moved out of state, I feel like I can keep in touch with the Austin 'scene' through this list. (and get my SXSW experience virtually.) I feel as though our 'OT' discussions provide not only insights and opinions I wouldn't be exposed to elsewhere, but I get bunches of great tips and suggestions.
    - Sandee Bruneman , Civic Pride, Inc., http://www.civicpride.com

'Support network in a male-dominated technology career'
  • I subscribe to the list to have a support network of other women in my male-dominated technology career area, to learn about what is going on at other companies - their technology, culture, and job openings, to post openings at my company. I can get help on technology questions I may have or give help on things I may know about & learn about seminars and workshops that may enrich my career or personal life. I subscribe to get information on good cleaning services, dry cleaners, and doctors.
    - Gretchen Meyer

'Funny, entertaining & cheaper than tech support!'
  • Because it is sometimes entertaining and often funny.
  • Because with 500 people on the list, someone almost always has an answer to a question. Cheaper than tech support, and easier to get a quick answer!
  • Because some of the off topic stuff is quite interesting and thought provoking.
  • Because in a lot of ways I am a bit of a nerd, and this is a group of others who are also sometimes a bit of a nerd. In a lot of circles, nerdism is sort of rare. It is nice to talk with people who can understand what you are actually talking about.
  • Because sometimes you either find people to hire or find work through the list.
    - Carol Grosvenor, graphic artist, http://grosvenors.com/

'Tech Resources'
  • I've been a member since 1996. I subscribe because of the tech resources. Although I don't ask many tech questions and have been a big OT culprit, I've usually enjoyed it. I've also saved a boatload of the posts and do often refer to them as resources.
    - Christina Jeskey

'Find out about job opportunities'

  • It's a great place to network with other women interested in or working in technology (and I love to network).
  • It's Austin-focused; so unlike national or international newsgroups and lists, it's got a 'hometown' feel.
  • I find out about job opportunities; and I can advertise job opportunities to a highly-targetted audience.
    - Jayne Cravens, Manager, Virtual Volunteering Project, http://www.serviceleader.org/vv

'Thought-provoking discussions'
  • I subscribe to HD because of the community/network. Occasional differences of opinion aside, I've enjoyed the very thought-provoking and insightful (OT) discussions that arise. HD has also been a wonderful resource for matters both technical and non. I've been a member for about a year and a half, and I don't ever plan to leave!
    - Pamela Hichens

'Her Domain is usually the first place I turn'
  • I've been a member for several years. I value her domain as a community of very resourceful women. I sometimes have computer and software-related problems that women on the list have helped me solve. I also value the off-topic recommendations and information from members. When i need a recommendation, Her Domain is usually the first place I turn to. in turn, when I can make a recommendation that I feel confident of or can answer someone's question, I do so.
    - Rosemary Sheffield

'I just love helping answer tech problems'
  • (I subscribed when) I began working for a Web Company (Austin360) at work....and needed some resources...then I just got into answering techie questions here and I really enjoyed it...Now a ton of you gals are clients of mine for various reasons..None Web Related..All technical related..Hardware/Software etc... I read ALL the questions and answers posted and answer as many as I can when I can...And Am hoping to get back doing the Hardware/Software SIG Meetings again soon! SO basically I will ALWAYS be on this list because I just Love helping answer tech problems...! All other Stuffs aside..I DO love this list.
    -Cathey Counts

'Friendship, warmth and a sense of belonging'
  • I moved to Austin from Australia in 1997 to promote my business and knew not a living soul. I have picked up tons of helpful hints on this list ranging from how, when, where and why to get yer teeth yanked to a wide range of pooter stuff that I might otherwise have never found out about. Not to mention the best places in town to feed your face. *sigh*... During my inital 12 months in Austin, although I only met a couple of the ladies in person, this list provided me with friendship, warmth and a sense of belonging and it's still doing it some three years on even if I am stuck down here in the penal colony!
    - Kym Jones, http://www.conceptualeyez.com

'A forum where self-discovery can take place'
  • I subscribed several years ago hoping to learn how to do web pages and stayed because of the information and support that has drifted over the bandwidth over the years. (I finally did learn to do some web pages, too.) I have thoroughly enjoyed the group and have learned a great deal plus I found a good mattress and box springs, moving boxes, and recently, a potter's wheel for my daughter. This group is very much like a 'leads' group and the networking is great. When I was the age of many of you, I did not have access to the support and connections that are available here....I know that there is value in having a forum where self-discovery can take place. There is something about writing and reading ideas/thoughts/feelings that helps us to learn about ourselves.
    - Sage McKenzie, http://sagemckenzie.com

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