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Here are some of the events held this year by HerDomain.


High Tech Garage Sale - RE-SCHEDULED TO Sunday, March 30th

In honor of spring cleaning and raising funds for HerDomain for our various upcoming projects, we're having a High Tech Garage Sale Sunday, March 30th 9am - 1PM, 603 South Third Street -off Barton Springs, Bouldin, Post Oak,

HD members and friends are welcome to email and arrange a time to drop off items for the sale. We're accepting WORKING widgets, only. If you don't have the cord to make the item work, don't bring it.

All sorts of high-tech things are welcome, as are other valuable goodies which need to find another home. Got questions? Email me. If you're planning on contributing an item(s), please let me know so we know how many power strips, tables, etc. to arrange for.

HerDomain @ SXSW: Photos, Silent Auction and Awards

HerDomainers took home and were nominated for several awards during SXSW 2003.

Here are the winners of the Silent Auction fundraiser!

Photos of HD'ers at the booth & the Mixer bands

HerDomain Thanks Our SXSW 2003 Sponsors

Many thanks to:

Thanks to ALL HerDomainers who volunteered during SXSW 2003!

It takes weeks of preparation and work to staff a booth for 3 days, arrange for music and food for the Mixer, and to solicite and coordinate delivery of donations from local merchants. But each year HerDomainers step up to the plate and take on the task.

HerDomain could not operate without the support of these volunteers. Special thanks to the following people for their efforts during SXSW 2003.

General Coordinator: Minnie Rangel
Trade Show Booth Coordinator: Nancy Scholl
Volunteer Coordinator/Volunteer Web Pages: Teri Raiford

Mixer Volunteers:
Music Coordinater : Janet Hailey
Food Coordinator: Debbie Winegarten
Flyer Coordinator: Minnie Rangel
Flyer Designer: Amanda Cochrane

Trade Show Booth Staffers:
Amanda Cochran (Booth Banner Creator), Deborah Brown, Stephanie Holt, Erin Jacobs, Debbie Finley, Paula Middleton, Rachel Matthews, Betsy Thaggard, Barbara Shone, Jan Schumacher, Julie Clegg, Sherri Wyche, Mandy Wagner, Traci Rachal Reece, Kathy Bateman, Minnie Rangel (Errors or anyone missing? -email the webmaster)

Silent Auction Volunteers:
Auction Coorindator: Mandy Wagner
Auction Donators: Madeleine Schowalter, Ryan Hennessee, Amanda Cochran, Donna Starnes, Paula C. Middleton, Sarah Vela , Kathy Bateman, Deb Brown, Geneva Sampson, Amanda Cochran, Marilynn Fenn, Tera Allison, Bianca Bickford, Kathy Sampson, Debbie E. Finley, Quadralay Corporation

And thanks to all who were there in spirit!

Fundraiser Silent Auction Winners
(Held March 10th during SXSW)

1. Gift Certificate for Professional Landscape Design Services (Donated by Paula C. Middleton of Red Bird Design) Who Won? - Marilyn Fenn, $50
2. One month unlimited Nia pass (Donated by Donna Starnes of Nia Space) Who Won? - Pam Knight - $16
3. One month unlimited Nia pass (Donated by Donna Starnes of Nia Space) Who Won? - Kathleen Sato - $19
4. Skin So Soft Best in Show Gift Basket (Donated by Madeleine Schowalter) Who Won? - Traci Rachel Reese - $60
5. GirlStart $50 Gift Certificate (Donated by Bianca Bickford of Girlstart) Who Won? - Lyn Marie - $10
6. "Prismism #3, Marilyn's Deer" 16" X 20" Matted Fine Arts Print Who Won? - Derek Casarez - $30
7. Global Peace T-Shirt (Donated by Debbie Eynon Finley, www.defDesigns.com) Who Won? - Derek Casarez - $7
8. 4 Hours Gift Cert Professional Organizing Services (by Tera Allison) Who Won? - Kathleen Sato - $33
9. 3 Hours Gift Cert Professional Organizing Services (by Tera Allison) Who Won? - Mandy Wagner :) - $21
10. "The Lecture" T-Shirt (Donated by Debbie Eynon Finley, www.defDesigns.com) Who Won? - Tim Lyon - $20
11. Global Peace T-Shirt (Donated by Debbie Eynon Finley, www.defDesigns.com) Who Won? - Janet Hailey - $8
12. One-of-a-Kind Handmade Knit Kitty Cat Hat (by Kathy Bateman, www.platypusdreams.com) Who Won? - Mandy Wagner - $20
13. 6-Page website (Donated by Mandy Wagner, Amanda Cochran, Geneva Sampson, and Deb Brown) Who Won? - Paula Taylor - $500

HerDomain Minutes of HerDomain Meeting February 17, 2003 (with updates2/24)

  • Minutes of the HerDomain meeting held 2/17/2003 at 7:00 at PCL Room 1.402.
  • The meeting started at approximatedly 7:10 p.m.
  • The following members were in attendance: President Minnie Rangel, Vice President Debbie Winegarten, Secretary Cindy Huyser, Amanda Cochran, Mandy Wagner, Paula Middleton, and Geneva Sampson.
  • SXSW:
    • We don't yet know whether we have a booth at SXSW Interactive. (Feb 24 confirmed- we do have one!)
    • Minnie is coordinating with SXSW personnel re: notification.
    • Mixer:
      • Janet Hailey is doing the music at the mixer; there will be 3 bands.
      • Debbie Winegarten is coordinating food donation.
      • Minnie has contacted Club DeVille, and they've agreed to host the mixer.
  • Trade Show Booth
    • We need volunteers to staff the booth
  • Trade Show Coordinator Position: We also need an SXSW Trade Show Coordinator. Cindy Huyser will post to the list about the SXSW Trade Show Coordinator position.
  • Silent Auction: Pursuant to the fundraising suggestions on the list, it was decided we would hold a silent auction benefitting HerDomain during the mixer. If we get a booth at the trade show, (see update above) we'll start the silent auction on Sunday (at the Trade Show opening) and close it at the mixer Monday night. Mandy Wagner and Amanda Cochran have agreed to be co-coordinators of the silent auction. Mandy will e-mail those folks who've agreed to donate to the silent auction. So far, the donated items include:
    • a 7 - 9 page Web site (design, including graphics) design of a logo by a graphic designer
    • 2 hours landscape design consultation home/office organizing hours
    • a print by the artist of an original painting
    • Avon products
    • Amanda Cochran will make up the silent auction sheets, and the backdrop banner for the booth.
  • Other fundraising events in process:
    • Theresa Caillouet will hold 2 Tupperware fundraisers (February 19th and 27th); Cindy Huyser will post reminders to the list about these.
    • There will be a HerDomain "high tech" garage sale on Sunday, March 16; Debbie Winegarten is hosting it. It was suggested that HerDomain members ask their places of employment about the availability of surplussed computers for donation to the garage sale (all equipment must be working!).
    • Madeleine Showalter has offered to do some fundraising for HerDomain via Avon.
    • Paula Middleton is willing to help HerDomain with a fundraiser with At Home America products (needs someone to host that lives centrally).
  • Non-profit (501(c)(3) status:There was discussion about the purposes and goals of fundraising for HerDomain. Our 501(c)(3) costs (filing only -- all legal work is being done pro bono) will be $250 - $500; our costs associated with SXSW will likely be around $150 ($75 for music sound technician and $75 for printing costs for flyers re: the mixer). Additionally, our lawyer has strongly recommended that HerDomain purchase liability insurance for its board. Other uses for funds include space for classes; scholarships for classes; possible compensation for instructors. We set a minimum fundraising goal of $1,000, with an optimal goal of $2,000.
  • Classes: There was brief discussion about some of the kinds of classes HerDomain could have. In addition to programming-oriented classes, basic Internet skills classes could be an important service to offer. It was noted that HerDomain events' success will be improved with doing a better job of promoting the classes.
  • Python Overview: Cindy Huyser presented a brief overview of the Python programming language, discussing its versatility and some common uses for it. The presentation included a demonstration of both menu-driven and GUI Python programs, and a look at Python code.
  • The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Cindy Huyser.


Hi All,
If you read the minutes from our last meeting you will know that HD has very little money. We need to raise at least $500 to make sure we have all incorporation costs covered. At the meeting we discussed several options for raising money...most of them take time to organize and plan.

We also will have incidental expenses with SXSW. (We are hoping to get the food donated and the bands always play for tips) There are somewhere around 600+email addresses on the list. I know a lot of people are subscribed both at home and work, I am too. Lets say we have 300 members just to have a round number. If everyone of those 300 members gave $5 we would have $1500, that would more than cover our needs. So if everyone gave $3 we would have $900 and so forth. If you can spare $5, $3, even $1, please consider donating to HerDomain. If you have more then please feel free to donate whatever you wish.

You can donate in several ways...by check made out to HerDomain of Austin and mailed (those wanting to use this option, email me and I will send an address to mail checks to. (If you are donating $1 or $3 and feel silly writing a check you can wrap the bills in paper and mail those that way...but send me an email 1) for directions and 2) after you mail it so that I will know to keep watch for it. If you are coming to the Meeting on Monday, Feb 17, you can write a check or give cash then.

Those who use PayPal can transfer money to the HerDomain account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you will need to set one up first then click the button below to make a donation to HerDomain via Pay Pal using your credit card.

-Minnie Rangel

Thanks a lot folks and hope to see you at a future meeting or SXSW!

Minnie Rangel, President
HerDomain of Austin

February HD Meeting
Monday, February 17
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Perry-Castaņeda Library on UT's main campus, Room 1.402
Directions: Speedway and 21st Street, in the basement of the library, at the end of the hall.

Want to know the latest about what HerDomain's up to for SXSW Interactive? Been curious about what Monty Python has to do with computer programming? Come find out at the next HerDomain Meeting! We'll be discussing the booth and mixer for SXSW Interactive and Cindy Huyser will present an overview of the Python programming language. ----Hope to see you then!
Cindy Huyser Secretary, HerDomain.

HerDomain Minutes of HerDomain Meeting January 27, 2003

  • Meeting convened at about 7:15 p.m, with 5 in attendance: President Minnie Rangel; Vice President Debbie Winegarten, Secretary Cindy Huyser, Web Ring Coordinator Betsy Thaggard, Amanda Cochran.
  • Incorporation: Minnie has turned in all the required paperwork to our lawyer, with the exception of HerDomain's budget projections, which should be completed next week. Incorporation as a 501(c)3 needs to be done by April. The cost associated with completing this is $250 - $500, primarily in filing fees; the lawyer's work is entirely pro bono.
  • Finances: HerDomain currently has no money in its account, aside from the small amount required to keep it open (and owed to Minnie). As our filing for incorporation as a 501(c)3 organization must be complete by April, it's imperative we come up with the $250 - $500 required to do so ASAP. SXSW Trade Show booth and mixer also carries costs (printing costs, sound technician, food (if not donated)).
  • Some ideas for fundraising: a high-tech garage sale; voluntary $5 per member donation.
  • Minnie has completed the Texas franchise tax paperwork necessary for HerDomain for 2002.
  • SXSW: We need coordinators for the volunteers, booth, and mixer. We also need some sort of "gimmick" to help draw people to our booth at the SXSW trade show (the massage company that has donated massages in the past is out of business).
  • The volunteer coordinator is in charge of arranging for and distributing SXSW Interactive Trade Show passes; more information on coordinator positions is posted on HerDomain's Web site.
  • Amanda Cochran volunteered to assist in coordinating the SXSW mixer.
  • HerDomain Elections: Nominations and elections for 4 HerDomain board members will be held in April, as dictated by the bylaws, with one board member (Debbie W.) continuing her office term.
  • Minnie has written a program that will allow us to do on-line balloting.
  • Education: Betsy Thaggard has volunteered to be HerDomain's new education administrator. She will look into finding space and teachers for classes.
  • Next Meeting:
    Monday, February 17
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Place: Perry-Castaņeda Library on UT's main campus, Room 1.402
    Directions: Speedway and 21st Street,
    in the basement of the library, at the end of the hall.
    The topics of discussion will be updates on the SXSW Trade Show and mixer and an overview of the Python programming language.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

January 27th Meeting To Cover Administration & SXSW Activities

HerDomain President Minnie Rangel will hold an organizational meeting at La Madeleine French Bakery and Cafe, 3418 North Lamar Blvd Austin, on January 27th, 2003. Those interested in participating in SXSW or in holding a HerDomain office for 2003 are urged to attend if at all possible. HD Officers will change in April.

Date: January 27, 2003
Time: 7pm
Location: La Madeleine, 3418 North Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78705, Phone: 512-302-1485. map
NOTE: Look for Minnie and the HerDomain sign on a table at the back or in the little alcove at the front.
RSVP Minnie at rangel@lib.utexas.edu by noon on the 27th

I. Old business
a. Update of Incorporation Process
b. Financial Report
a. Need for volunteers (see below)
b. Need for fundraising
III. Need for officer and board member elections in April (since incorporation is near complete this will have to be formalized)
IV. Open to discussion by Members

The following positions are needed for SXSW to proceed smoothly:

Volunteer Coordinator - The Volunteer Coordinator (VC) is responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers for HerDomain activities - primarily coordinating volunteers for shifts during SXSW Interactive Trade Show.
1. Maintain online signup schedule (Web experience a plus. The sign up list is automatic, but you will need to access php files on the HD server to update the schedule with the current year and show dates/times, and occasionally work with our Host IP.)
2. Send and answer emails providing detailed information to volunteers
3. Keep volunteers apprised of all booth-related responsibilities and extend thanks after the Trade Show.
4. Email promotional and recruitment information to the Web Administrator for inclusion on the Web site.

Trade Show Coordinator - oversees the setup and teardown of the HerDomain booth and general HD participation during the Trade Show held during the annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival. (Unsold booth space is donated to non-profits each year.)

  1. Liaise with SXSW Trade Show personnel to obtain exhibitor information package and passes
  2. Supervise the setup and teardown process at the Austin Convention Center, including volunteer delivery of backdrop and display/ other donated items
  3. Coordinate booth activities including free draws, silent auction, demonstrations, draw/auction items, display of member materials, books, etc.
  4. Solicit and/or coordinate solicitation of donated display items and services (business cards/ information brochure design and duplication, booth banner, Mixer flyers, panel flyers )
  5. Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator (VC) re: volunteer participation
  6. Sending promotional and recruitment information to the Web Administrator for inclusion on the Web site.

Mixer Coordinator - The Mixer Coordinator (MC) is responsible for the organizatiion of the annual HerDomain Mixer held at the Club DeVille, 900 Red River, on the Monday during the Trade Show. (will probably require an assistant).

  1. Contact Club DeVille to confirm/arrange Mixer date and time.
  2. Coordinate food service donations, setup and cleanup
  3. Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator about volunteer participation and recruitment
  4. Coordinate entertainment donations: schedule bands
  5. Prepare and distribute information flyers advertising the event
  6. Send promotional and organizational information to the Web Administrator for inclusion on the Web site.
  7. Liaise with TradeShow Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator

-Minnie Rangel - President, HerDomain

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